A brothel, whorehouse simulation.

StatusIn development
Made withUnity
Tagsadult, brothel, girls, sex, sim, whorehouse, women


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I've lost my save! :,( :,( :,(

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clearing cookies would destroy a save .. did u do that?

Probably. Gutted.

You remember how far was on it?

I'd long since beat Beeber and I think Star was about level 250 or something. Lol

That's amazing  haha ... had I ran into you earlier I woulda made a downloadable version so ur save wouldnt get lost ... and even prolly continued working on it.

How do you go to the bar???

from the office .. upper right click the X ... quick access buttons click .. City Map ... far right in the city ... click Bar

how do i find darla

its random ... mud pits .... stage ... or bar 

Bux, no I didn't mean the bar or the boss. I meant the accommodation you have.

I have the accommodation filled with pairs of bunkbeds, gloryholes etc but at the top of the screen is 2 arrows pointing up and down and beside it is 1st floor.

You can't access a 2nd floor?

ahhhhh ... funny thing ... i have 4 levels coded in ... but it only uses 1 ... i never did finish the game .. its one of my test projects ... also .. Boober was the last boss i worked on


How do you access the 2nd level?

Sorry for the delay ... dint know sum had posted ... the 2nd level bar comes when you recruit a girl from the 1st level bar. The 2nd boss comes after u take down the 1st boss.