A brothel, whorehouse simulation.


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How do you go to the bar???

from the office .. upper right click the X ... quick access buttons click .. City Map ... far right in the city ... click Bar

how do i find darla

its random ... mud pits .... stage ... or bar 

Bux, no I didn't mean the bar or the boss. I meant the accommodation you have.

I have the accommodation filled with pairs of bunkbeds, gloryholes etc but at the top of the screen is 2 arrows pointing up and down and beside it is 1st floor.

You can't access a 2nd floor?

ahhhhh ... funny thing ... i have 4 levels coded in ... but it only uses 1 ... i never did finish the game .. its one of my test projects ... also .. Boober was the last boss i worked on


How do you access the 2nd level?

Sorry for the delay ... dint know sum had posted ... the 2nd level bar comes when you recruit a girl from the 1st level bar. The 2nd boss comes after u take down the 1st boss.